The Henley Executive MBA - Global
The Henley Executive MBA - Global
Gives you the international outlook, insights and knowledge to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Executive MBA - Global

At a glance

Suitable for

Senior executives, entrepreneurs, aspiring business leaders and those preparing for board-level positions



Course length

21 or 27 months


39,500 GBP


Henley-on-Thames, UK

  • Do your executive MBA at one of the top business schools in Germany
  • Take control of your future direction, and reflect upon your performance and achievement
  • Strengthen your knowledge and skills by applying practical learning to international business issues
  • Acquire invaluable international insights from an array of industries
  • Take part in life-changing global immersion study trips to solve real business problems
  • Study a part-time, flexible MBA degree while continuing to work in your current role
  • Gain a triple-accredited professional qualification (AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB)

Programme Overview

The Global Executive MBA programme uniquely delivers proven leadership teaching with international insight. It builds on our flagship Executive MBA which has been running for over 50 years.

The programme will empower you to become an exceptional leader who thinks and acts with clarity, confidence and conviction. Personal and professional development are woven into the fabric of our MBA degree.

You’ll gain a profound understanding of yourself as well as clarity on your future career direction and goals. Our experienced and inspiring tutors will support and challenge you every step of the way.

The Global Executive MBA is a part-time programme that runs for 21 months (with flexibility to extend to 27 months).

You will take part in two Global Immersion Study trips. First, you’ll work with an NGO, charity or start-up in the USA or China. Next, you will travel to South Africa, to make a direct impact on organisations grappling with critical social issues.

At Henley, we place great importance on building a community of peers that stretches beyond the length of the MBA. This flexible MBA is a truly international experience, with a global focus to its syllabus and research projects.

Key Benefits

For Individuals

  • Understand your leadership strengths and how to use them to maximum effect in your role
  • Deepen your knowledge and achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Work on live challenges common in emerging markets and interact with start-ups in advanced markets at an international level
  • Benefit from highly-experienced, inspiring academic tutors
  • Meet, and share experiences with, an array of like-minded multinational professionals from a wide range of industries

For Businesses

  • Develop outstanding leaders who are equipped to take on challenges in today’s fast-moving global marketplace
  • Receive immediate ROI: participants are taught in a practical setting, mirroring the workplace
  • Implement the findings of projects that are based on real life examples
  • Gain insights into the latest thinking on strategic business topics that impact your organisation

Triple Accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB

Triple accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB, and among the most renowned MBAs in the world, the Henley Executive MBA – Global is designed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in business and in life. The benefits can be clearly measured, offering a substantial ROI to you personally and, more broadly, to your company.

Key facts


October and March


21 months with flexibility to extend to 27 months


61 days mostly Thursday to Sunday

Workshop locations

UK, Denmark, South Africa and China or United States with your group of 50-60 experienced managers


e-learning + online databases


9 practical assignments plus final research project






UK + International


Subject area professors plus Academic Tutor support


£39,500 excluding travel costs.

Who is the Henley Executive MBA - Global for?

The Henley Executive MBA – Global is for experienced and ambitious managers looking to develop their leadership and management competencies. The programme is structured to allow you to continue working full-time and to study your MBA part-time, connecting your learning to current global and relevant organisational issues. It is ideal if you are unable to take significant time out of the workplace to study and want greater flexibility over how, when and where you achieve your MBA degree. Over the 21 months of the programme, you will study and share experiences with like-minded professionals from a wide variety of managerial backgrounds, business industries and international locations.

Embark on the Henley Executive MBA - Global for an enriching experience that will connect you to global business and a worldwide network. You’ll find it one of the most worthwhile investments in yourself that you can make.

Course Structure

The Henley Executive MBA – Global is a part-time master’s degree programme delivered through individual and group study, face-to-face workshops and 24/7 e-learning resources.

You will examine the complexities of change in organisations and how to influence and lead a company through them.

The programme places emphasis on general leadership concepts, which is why the Personal Development module flows through all stages of the Henley Executive MBA – Global, allowing an integrated process towards personal growth.

The workshops are conducted by our world-class faculty members from the UK and International Fellow Network.

During your studies, you will write nine individual assignments, designed to enhance your long term effectiveness.

The assignments provide eye-opening opportunities to integrate theory with practice and can be applied immediately with maximum impact in the workplace.

In addition, there are a range of elective modules that allow you to specialise, an applied business or in-company project, and two international study visits.

The Henley Executive MBA – Global is arranged around study modules that deliver a comprehensive and wide-ranging framework for your studies.

The programme consists of three key stages (90 ECTS) with an optional award structure on successful completion of each stage:

Stage 1 - Fundamental Business Foundations

Postgraduate Certificate in Management

You will learn about the basic business aspects of managing an organisation, such as managing people, operations and finance. This stage is about developing a strong foundation across a range of business functions.

  • Leadership & Personal Development
  • Managing Processes & Systems – Providing structure
  • Managing Financial Resources – Staying in business
  • Managing People – Fostering creativity

Stage 2 - Strategy & Context

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

In this stage, you will gain a greater knowledge of stakeholder management and the context around the business choices needed to form a robust strategy.

  • Strategy – Exploring levers
  • International Business – Moving out Study Trip China or United States
  • Strategic Marketing – Accessing markets
  • Corporate Reputation & Responsibility – Showing integrity
  • Study Trip South Africa – Leading with Humanity

Stage 3 - Taking Leadership to a Higher Level

Master of Business Administration Degree

  • Leadership & Change – Taking initiative
  • Management Research Challenge – Integrating with focus
  • Elective Module

Learning Experience – Testing Theory in Practice

The programme combines the theoretical and real-world knowledge of our academics. It provides practical applied learning with the aim of bringing business to life, ensuring a rigorous and rounded learning experience.

We understand in your career, you may have already ‘been there, done that.’ This supports our belief that the most meaningful insights come from learning by doing. We organise our teaching around real-world dilemmas and business choices.

Those who work while studying for their Henley Executive MBA – Global are able to give significant value back to their employers. The knowledge and skills you develop from our highly practical programme can be applied immediately in the workplace. Assessed assignments can be based on current issues, creating a valuable contribution to your organisation.

The Henley Executive MBA – Global provides tangible, significant and enduring skills, knowledge and connections.


Henley prides itself on its reputation for being inclusive, friendly and supportive. Henley puts the emphasis on collaboration rather than competition. The Henley Executive MBA – Global is highly participative and interactive – we value both individual contributions and team-based learning. Programme members come from a range of different sectors, with diverse skills and cultural orientations, which inevitably creates challenges for teams along the way.


We coach you on teamwork, management processes, influencing skills, project management, facilitation and conflict resolution – all vital skills for you to take back to your own place of work.

Personal Development

At Henley, we recognise that one of your key objectives is to develop yourself as an individual. We work with your strengths to develop and hone your management skills and to prepare you for the challenges of senior leadership. We see personal development as the backbone of our programme, not as a module to be studied separately.

Your European Network

The regional workshops are complemented by workshops where the students from Munich meet with their peers from Copenhagen, Finland and the UK in joint workshops with 40 - 60 students. These take place in the UK (4+7 days), Copenhagen (4 days), South Africa (7 days) and China/United States (7 days) and allow for rich and intensive international and intercultural experiences.

Your Alumni Network

From day one of the programme, our students join Henley’s alumni network of more than 80.000 alumni worldwide. They have access to expertise, experience and fun people for both work and leisure. The connectivity among alums is assured through Henley’s online community Henley Live.

Are you interested in the Henley Executive MBA – Global?

Your advisors Amanda Justice and Christoph Raudonat are happy to tell you more about the Henley Executive MBA – Global programme.


Amanda Justice

Academic Tutor, Henley Business School Germany


Amanda is a Henley Associate, consultant, experienced senior executive and ICF accredited (ACC) executive coach. She works with Henley Germany in the area of New Business Development as well as supporting and coaching our students as Academic Tutor on the MBA programme. She is also responsible for Coaching at Henley Germany and is one of the international tutors on Henley's Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching Programme.

Amanda holds an Executive M.B.A. from Henley Business School Germany, an M.A. from St. Andrews University, Scotland, and a Professional Certficate in Coaching from Henley Business School Germany.

Amanda is there to support you for all your questions about Henley's executive programmes including the Henley Executive MBA - Global, the Professional Certificate in Coaching and the new Post Graduate Leadership Programme.


Christoph Raudonat

Managing Director, Business School Germany


Chris Raudonat is responsible for the business operations of Henley Business School in Germany. He centres his energy on the strategic direction and development of the organisation, programme sales and recruitment, communication as well as leadership learning / coaching. In the past he worked with a number of international non-profit and civil society organisations to manage their projects and increase their potential by assisting them in the development and implementation of their business strategies.

He is furthermore an executive coach, focusing on cognitive behaviour and positive psychology approaches and helps clients to become the best they can be by exploring innovative approaches to management learning both in practice and academics.

Chris is currently researching the specifics of interim leadership in the gig-economy and gig-leadership while engaging in a MSc/DBA programme at Henley Business School. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and holds degrees in Sociology, Social/Organisational Psychology, Law and Economics as well as an MBA from Henley Business School.