Vicky Marissen - Partner at EPPA

Vicky Marissen

Vicky is Partner at EPPA, a consultancy firm specialized in EU Public affairs focusing specifically on secondary legislation. She has extensive expertise with regard to advocacy on environmental, food and pharmaceutical files and is an expert in EU decision-making. Vicky also heads with Daniel Guéguen the training branch of EPPA, the European Training Institute. Vicky is Visiting Professor at the College of Europe on secondary legislation. She also lectures at EDHEC Business School. Vicky is co-author of the ‘Handbook on EU secondary legislation’ and the ‘Practical Guide to the EU Labyrinth’. She has contributed to other books and articles on EU decision-making, lobbying and comitology (secondary legislation). She is a regular speaker on these topics. Before joining EPPA, Vicky was Managing Director of PACT European Affairs, and Managing Director/member of the Board of European Training Institute. She holds a law degree and a Master in European law and is a Belgian national.

Daniel Guéguen

Daniel Guéguen is Associate Partner at EPPA and alongside Vicky Marissen, Daniel heads the training branch of EPPA, the European Training Institute. Daniel has dedicated his whole professional career to European public affairs, the first half in two trade associations: the European Sugar Federation, where he was Director General from 1988 to 1994, and then in COPA-COGECA, the influential farmers association, where he was Secretary General. In the second half of his career, Daniel set up several businesses specialised in European affairs.

Alongside this activity, Daniel Guéguen has published several books, articles and blogs. Building upon the educational nature of his books on the EU, Daniel is still today involved in many university programmes, across Europe (ULB, Paris Sciences-Po, EDHEC, HEC, INSEAD), and at the College of Europe in Bruges.

Christoph Katz

Before partnering with EPPA, Christoph Katz held international leadership positions for more than 20 years – thereof more than 10 years with full responsibility for large European or global Business Units, and as Managing Director. He was a member of the Executive Committee for global R&D steering as well as the Global Leadership Team at a large multinational company. He has experience as head of sales & marketing, in mergers & acquisitions as well as controlling and operations / supply chain. Christoph is well-versed internationally, with multi-year engagements in Asia, the USA, the Netherlands and several locations in Germany.

Through actively managing interfaces between business and public policy (e.g. trade defense, regulation of products or services), Christoph has developed a deep understanding of the interdependency of these areas - and the importance of managing these processes and interfaces well in order to have a good position in market access, innovation and competitiveness, and ultimately business success.

Christoph studied business administration at the universities of Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and wrote his thesis in Montréal, Canada.

Professor Dr Bernd Vogel

Professor Dr Bernd Vogel is a Professor in Leadership and Founding Director of the Henley Centre for Leadership, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK. He is working for more than 20 years with global companies, business schools and world-renowned universities. With his work he assists humans and organisations to grow and embark life-long leadership learning journeys that help to develop and transform lives, organisations, and society.

His expertise is energising leadership for healthy and sustainable performance and organisations, the future of leadership, inspiring leadership, upwards leadership, management teams, organisation-wide leadership capability, multi-level leadership, leading transformations, culture and change, and leadership development.

Bernd frequently publishes in top-tier academic journals and has also edited and authored several books such as “Fully Charged: How Great Leaders Boost Their Organization's Energy and Ignite High Performance”, Harvard Business Review Press.

Christoph Raudonat

Christoph Raudonat is a senior management executive and executive leadership coach focusing on transformation management and leadership capability development. At Henley, he is the Managing Director of Henley Business School Germany GmbH and has held several executive and non-executive leadership positions within several international organisations in the past.

He is a frequent speaker and facilitator at industry events and a member of several international business networks. He delivers the Personal Leadership Development module on the Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership and regularly facilitates a wide range of executive learning events. Christoph holds degrees in Sociology, Social/Organisational Psychology, Law and Economics as well as an MBA from Henley Business School and currently works on his DBA in Leadership Capability Development.

Dr Julian Day

Julian worked for twenty years in the IT industry as a software developer, systems analyst, and project manager. In general, the IT industry struggled to implement IT systems with routine success and Julian started to experiment with new ways to address the problem. In 2000, his research culminated in a PhD entitled “The Design of Collaborative Projects”. Julian developed a practical methodology for enabling diverse people to collaborate intelligently in all types of complex situations. One of the cornerstones of this methodology is the Systemic Stairway™ which enables people to find the deep simplicity in complex situations so that they can quickly become manageable. He has also developed a systemic approach to project management which is helpful to both professional project managers and non-professionals who need a general ability to manage everyday projects in order to be successful. Julian has used his methodology as a practitioner and facilitator to help many organisations manage their complex strategic or operational situations and implement their projects successfully. Furthermore, he has developed training courses and shared his methodology with thousands of people who find his approach practical and useful at work and in their everyday lives. Julian has just published a book entitled The Systemic Stairway™: Practical management for anybody who needs to manage anything.

Mattieu Theron

Mattieu Theron is a social entrepreneur, business developer and an Accredited Systemic Stairway™ facilitator. Mattieu works alongside Dr Julian Day (creator of Systemic Stairway™) training and equipping teams and organisations with practical and robust collaboration methodologies for deliberately designing and managing the interactive conversations required to overcome organisational challenges and ensure project success.

Mattieu has a master’s degree in Economic Development from the University of Cape Town. He is also the co-founder of Plant the Seed Education which works with schools to engage their learners in holistic and meaningful learning experiences and practical action for Sustainable Development and the circular economy through innovative curricula, training, and zero waste infrastructure services. Mattieu was born and bred in Cape Town, a is an avid surfer and hiker.